Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Follow Me?

In trying to get my name out there & increase my sales, I've been trying more internet-based information tools.  So far, I have a personal Facebook -- which I am trying not to clog up with business stuff.  I have a seperate Facebook page for Fragrant Offering Candles - which I'm using for people who are truly interested in the Candle side of me.  This Blog-site you're looking at right now is fairly new to me and I must say, it's been a ton of fun to design.  The latest chapter in my exercise of bravery is a Facebook Fan page.  Next challenge.... Twitter! 

Sometimes my time spent on the internet feels a little like I'm in a house of mirrors!  I'm having a little trouble remembering my own identity sometimes, but that's OK, I'm still having fun with it all. 

So please look around, take a few minutes & "follow" me!  It's easy!

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