Sunday, August 14, 2011

How it all began (part 1)

I have always been crafty – it’s my mother’s fault.  My mother and her friends were a crazy bunch of stay-home moms who loved to get together & go garage sale-ing, play cards or sometimes just sit around and gossip & cackle like a bunch of hens.  Sometimes the kids would get to join them in the latest fad in crafting: embroidery, plaster of paris, necklaces made of paper clips that were wrapped in self-adhesive shelf paper, crackle-painted vases, crochet & the list goes on…  I remember them making these “flowers” by taking pieces of synthetic fur, teasing it like a beehive hairdo and spraying it with hairspray.  They would then attach it to a stem.  The finished product resembled a giant rosebud the size of a grapefruit.  These “flowers” were then arranged in a spectacular array of those trendy, 70’s colors: Harvest Gold, Avocado Green & Rust. :)  One of my favorite crafts was candle holders where you take a coke or wine bottle, melt crayons and let them drip down the outside of the bottle.  Thus began my love affair with melted wax...

(to be continued)

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