Thursday, August 18, 2011

How it all began (part 2)

As an adult, I have always loved burning candles.  Of course I love my house to smell good.  But I also  love the ambience of a warm, flickering flame, but I noticed that many of the candles that I bought would not burn evenly, leaving much of the wax wasted in the jar.  I found myself constantly digging, re-melting & re-shaping all of my half-used candles, trying to get just a little more use out of them.  I just couldn’t stand to throw away all that perfectly good, wonderful smelling candle wax. 
I always wondered if I could make my own candles, so one day I did it! I bought a beginner votive candle kit & I was hooked!  I have been infatuated ever since. 

Since that first beginner kit, I have disovered Soy Wax.  One of the many reasons soy is so wonderful is because the melting point is very low, causing the candle to burn slowly and evenly all the way down until there is nothing left.  No wasted wax at all!  You get every penny worth when you buy a soy candle!

I have branched out into other bath and body products over the years, too.  I have tried my hand at glycerin soap, lotion, bath salts, fizzing bath bombs, salt scrubs, smellie jellies, all shapes and sizes of pillar candles, air freshener spray & fragrance lamp oil.  Just let me know if there’s anything on this list you’d like to try.
I’m having a great time doing what I love & my wish is the same for you.

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