Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fundraiser FUN


Your group can earn up to 50% of total sales with Fragrant Offering Candles Fundraisers

Thanks to Fragrant Offering, our cheer squad
raised enough from our "Fragrant Offering"
fundraiser to go on an end of the year trip.
Working with Gina Dees was a pleasure and
our order was delivered on time with
everything we ordered correct. We had
nothing but good feedback about the
fragrances. The candles were wonderful and
seem to burn forever. The wax warmer blocks
are strong, but not overbearing at all. It was
the only fundraiser like this that I have been
involved in that personalized the products
with our school logo. Very impressive! I would
highly recommend Fragrant Offering for a
fundraiser for your organization.
June Alexander
Volunteer Sponsor
Calvary Baptist Academy Green Cheer Squad





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