Monday, August 5, 2013

What’s a Gross?

My Dad and “Hee-Haw” have about the same sense of humor – both belong in the cornfield – if you know what I mean!  I was raised on Hee-Haw & maybe the Disney movie on Sunday night & classic country music.

As I was growing up, I loved to sneak and listen to my Dad's records when he wasn’t around.   I learned to appreciate Porter Wagoner, (and all his rhinestones) Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn.  I loved how their songs told stories of love and life – happiness and heartache.
As a kid in the late seventies & early eighties, the word “gross” (among many other words) was taking on a new meaning.  When we said it, we meant gory, bloody, dirty, sickening, etc.  But without fail, every time one of us would say “Gross!!” around my Dad, he would inevitably respond “What--a hundred and forty-four?”  He thought he was so funny.

Tonight, my aching back knows exactly what a gross is … 144 – Aloe Vera scented Soy Wax Mini-Melts.  They’ll be on their way to Peoria , IL tomorrow.  My house smelled so wonderful while I was pouring and packaging these, and it still does.  I love my night job!!!

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