FRAGRANCE LIST: (updated 5/13/14)

Aloe Vera
Amber Romance (VS)
Baby Powder
Banana Nut Bread
Black Raspberry Vanilla (BBW)
Caribbean Escape (BBW)
Cinnamon Buttercream
Coconut Lime Verbena (BBW)
Coffee House
Country Breeze
Cranberry Chutney (YC)
Crème Brule
Danish Butter Cookies
Dickens Christmas
Egyptian Sheets
Endless Love (VS)
Fireside (YC)
Forever Romance (VS)
Fresh Cut Grass
Fruit Slices
Green Tea
Home Sweet Home (YC)
Hot Apple Pie
Japanese Cherry Blossom (BBW)
Lemon Lavender (YC)
Little Black Dress
Mistletoe (YC)
Monkey Bread
Ocean Overlook
Pink (VS)
Pink Sugar (AQ)
Plumeria (BBW)
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Raspberry Violet
Sea Island Cotton (BBW)
Storm Watch (YC)
Sweet Pea (BBW)
Texas Bluebonnet
Vanilla Cotton
Victorian Pine
White Cake
White Nectarine

*The scents listed above attempt to imitate the fragrances sold by Victoria's Secret (VS), Bath & Body Works (BBW), Yankee Candle (YC), Issey Miyake (IM), Prada (Pr), Dolce & Gabbana (DG), etc. Although remarkably similar to the original name brand version, they are not identical. Fragrant Offering Candles is not affiliated in any way with the above mentioned companies. We do not sell, nor have we ever sold, any merchandise produced by, and none of our products are sponsored, licensed, or endorsed by these companies. All trademarked names and service marks remain the exclusive property of their respective owners.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in anything in a different color or fragrance than what you see in my shop.