Fundraisers are a great way to earn money for your organization.  Fragrant Offering Candles will gladly allow you up to 40% of your total sales.  Extra products can be purchased by your organization for direct sales, too.

Soy Wax is fast gaining popularity. Soy is a clean-burning natural wax which may be used without additives necessary for changing the color, hardness, or clarity. Unlike paraffin wax, soy wax has natural oils that mix well with fragrant oils. Therefore, soy wax holds scent better than paraffin wax and shrinks very little during the candle making process. Soy wax is nontoxic and produces measurably less soot than other waxes, when burned correctly. Soy is a completely natural and renewable resource and helps support the American farmer.  The following products are available for fundraisers at this time.
12 oz. & 9 oz. Jar Soy Candles – hand-poured and highly scented.  These amazing candles are packed with the most fragrance possible.  We choose only the best – every one of these fragrances have been a tried and true top seller for years!  Wicks are carefully tested and chosen for the cleanest and slowest burn achievable, promising you the absolute best candle your money can buy.

3 oz. Soy Wax Fragrance Blocks for electric Wax Melters are an excellent and affordable way to make your home or office smell wonderful without a flame. 

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