Office Parties


This is for all you candle-lovers who would love to earn hostess rewards, but don't really want to host a party.  Maybe you're too busy, maybe you live out in the country, or maybe your house is in a constant state of "remodeling" (like mine) or just too small.  Whatever the reason for not wanting to host a Home Party - I've got your solution!  Host an Office Party & you can still earn free merchandise! 

Here's an example of how it works...

  • I'll drop off a sample box of Fragrant Offering products, along with an order form at your workplace, home or school on Monday. 
  • The contact person/hostess (you) will take orders, collect money & turn the order in to me on Thursday.
  • I'll deliver the orders & pick up the sample box approximately 2 weeks later.
(Days of the week may vary, but you get the idea.)

Hostess rewards = $10 in free merchandise for every $100 in total sales.... that's SWEET!!!

call (903) 724-5582 or e-mail if you think you might be interested.